The big winner at the Dutch Film Festival in 2014


Production Company

Pupkin Films


The film features the thirty-two-year-old waster and eternal student Thijs, who leads a slovenly, relaxed life full of beer, chicks and the occasional shift at a tedious media megastore. When Thijs visits his sister’s house to do some washing, instead of his usual encounter with her semi-perfect family, he meets Lisa, the baby-sitter: a mature sixteen-year-old with exorbitant ambitions. Without intending to, Lisa has a profound effect on Thijs, unveiling a deeply ingrained dissatisfaction with his own passive behaviour.


Aanmodderfakker had its world premiere during the Dutch Film Festival 2014. The film was nominated in six different categories: Best Music, Best Production-design, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Film. Eventually the film won three ‘Gouden Kalveren’ (the Dutch film awards) for Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Film. It made Aanmodderfakker the big winner of the festival.