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Are you ready to experience the future of sports analytics? The latest commercial from the NFL and AWS is a¬†groundbreaking collaboration that showcases the power of AWS machine learning in providing real-time data analysis for the NFL’s Next Gen Stats.¬†AWS’s powerful machine learning tools are used to analyze over 300 million data points in real-time, creating new stats and improving player health and safety, ultimately enhancing the experience for fans, players, and teams alike.

In a powerful collaboration, Director Michael Lawrence and production company Arts + Sciences have created a stunning TV ad. The use of a variety of cinematography and lighting tools, including the Alta X drone, a Sony Venice camera, and an 80,000 lumen Stratus 2×2 light with full DMX control, allowed for capturing action sequence shots, while the Alta X drone provided aerial footage. The result is a striking and impactful commercial #statthat.