'System Thinking' Campaign





The collaboration between our photographers and the Dutch stroller brand Bugaboo is a long lasting one. Both Wyne Veen and Elza Jo having shot campaigns for them before, this time it was Olya’s turn to portray their new ‘System Thinking’, a multiform stroller suitable for different moments in a family’s life.

This shoot was assembled, piece by piece, into one image. Merging elements from nature, city and studio very much resemble Olya’s signature and proved to be the way forward in showcasing the multi-functional profile of the product.

Inspired by the bright and bold colors of the stroller, as well as its slick and geometrical design, Olya decided to get playful and create a splashy, super-natal set of daily events to unfold.

“Dynamism” and “Comfort” are the key words in this new Bugaboo campaign, and Olya translated these values in a realistic city landscape, showing what you can easily do with this system: having a ride, going jogging, enjoying open air and city life. All pictured with her unique style and use of the light.

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