Drama Girl

A young woman gets the chance to play the leading role as herself in the film mirroring her own life story. Where does reality end, and storytelling begin?


Directed by Vincent Boy Kars

Producer: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen


By re-enacting key scenes from her recent past, ‘Drama Girl’ gives a young woman (Leyla de Muynck) the chance to come to terms with certain events. Leyla (26) is the protagonist in a film based on her own life story. The director, Vincent, surrounds her with professional actors: Pierre Bokma plays her father, Elsie de Brauw her mother, Jonas Smulders her boyfriend. Together they
explore how people, according to psychological theory, compile a certain image of their own story – and how that image gets rearranged when a trauma occurs. As she rakes over the past with them, the film probes the question of how drama, as a genre, can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

“Cher’s wish to “turn back time” is finally granted in Vincent Boy Kars’ touching oddity” – Cineeuropa

Selected for the main competition at IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), the Tiger competition, where it received an Honourable Mention at the Critics Choice Award.

Cinema release March 5, 2020.


Pierre Bokma

Leyla de Muynck & Elsie de Brauw

“De tweede lange film van Vincent Boy Kars (29) is een prachtig vormgegeven kruising tussen speelfilm en documentaire, waarbij de grenzen tussen beide lang niet altijd duidelijk zijn.” – Volkskrant

“Een filmexperiment in de beste zin van het woord” – Trouw

HALAL presents Drama Girl in co-production with VPRO. This film was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund, NPO Fund, CoBO.