Exhibition Design

Studio IJM

To have one’s own exhibition is a dream most artists can only aspire to in a lifetime. But to have your first solo exhibition at the tender age of 24 , is not only rather magical but most definitely a big fat sign that you are in a league of your own.

Congratulations on this major accomplishment, Olya!

“A typical Chinese shop arises in Foam 3h in which her artworks merge with consumerist objects and obscure items on the shelves like random merchandise.

In July 2016, Olya Oleinic embarked on a journey through China and its surrounding areas: from Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei to Hong Kong. Oleinic captured everything that struck her while scouring the cities’ streets. After her return to Amsterdam, she started to recreate her impressions and sentiments in her studio. In her fantastically constructed creations Oleinic applied the slick aesthetics of advertising to her puzzling subjects. We are invited into another reality, in which the artist shares her experiences with us, trying to make sense of what she encountered.” – Foam