Wear Your Denim Till The End



Gwenda van Vliet


Throwaway fashion is coming to the end of its reign, helped in no small measure by the growing awareness of the cost to the planet of fabric pollution. Together with G-Star RAW and creative agency The Family Amsterdam, HALAL has joined the mission to keep clothes in people’s wardrobes rather than landfill.

HALAL’s Paul Geusebroek directs a beautifully shot and atmospheric film — a studio shoot with extensive set build – with an unconventional message: a pair of G-Star jeans should be worn for considerably longer than just one season. The film parallels the gradual wear and tear of jeans with the graceful aging process of a man. The central character appears to walk through time from spring to winter and appears to grow gradually older, from a fresh-faced youth to an older characteristic man – an effect achieved by using deepfake technology. Featuring a poetic voiceover, the film’s message to ‘Wear your denim till the End’ shows how your jeans’ process of ageing is something natural, responsible, and beautiful.

The new film launches simultaneously with 8 Raw Responsibility initiatives of the denim brand – showing the durability of denim by demonstrating that it can last a lifetime. It is a shout-out to embrace jeans in every phase of their life cycle: from fresh off the shelf through rips and tears, towards something beautifully worn in.