Various tech-savvy projects

Ryan has successfully merged his design and technology background with the worlds of music video and commercial production. His work explores bold concepts, technologically-innovative production methods and non-traditional viewing experiences. In addition to his directorial pursuits, Staake is a talented VFX artist and frequently puts his skills to work on his films. A selection below.

Facebook – Virtually Dating Web Series

VR Production & Creative: Pomp&Clout

VR Director: Ryan Staake
Lead Artist: Pete Puskas
Creative Director: Aaron Vinton
Production Manager: Ryen Barltett
Engineer: Jaehyun Kim
Coordinator: Hanna Zakouri
PA: Sarah Niemiec

VR Dev: Superbright

Directed by Joe Pickard (Condé Nast)
Produced by Jeffrey Kornberg

Mirage Worlds – A Shared World on Top of Reality

Directed by Ryan Staake

Production Company: Pomp&Clout
Producer: Kevin Staake
Director of Photography: Bob Blankemeier
Steadicam: Brendan Poutier
1st AC: Tyler Pakstis
Gaffer: Chris Gould
HMU: Ava Kuslansky
Edit: Ryan Staake & Claire Stacy
VFX: Pete Puskas & Ryan Staake
Color: David Torcivia
Production Assistant: Claire Stacy

*Mirage was an actual App Ryan co-created with a collaborator.

Directed by Ryan Staake
Camera operator, Motion Capture & 3D by Pete Puskas
Production Company: Pomp&Clout