Joardy Season

Online Series


Concept & Idea

Jim Deddes & Jan Hulst


Joardy Season, produced by HALAL and VPRO, is the first online serie from the makers behind YouTube channel Joardy Film, Jan Hulst & Jim Deddes.

The serie of eight parts is based on the viral-character Harco, better known as ‘de Huilon-man’. Joardy Season is a postmodern look on our current society, an absurd and colourful view from the brutally honest and sober perspective of Harco. Harco is not shy of sharing his uncensored opinion, has few prejudices and a refreshingly open-minded outlook. With his stoic attitude the serie introduces an array of characters whose problems are seen from Harco’s perspective – from an overly ambitious millennial, an insecure performance artist, a kid without legs who wants to participate in a car race to the creation of surprising friendships. In this way the serie questions what is currently seen as strange, or normal, with a humorous twist.

You can watch the episodes online at NPO3. 

Nominated for The Best Social Awards, and received a special honouree award from ‘de Zilveren Nipkowschijf’.

Photos by Maeve Stam