Joardy Sitcom

Online series from the makers of Joardy Season


Created by

Jim Deddes, Jan Hulst & Giancarlo Sanchez


The makers of Joardy Season are back with a brand new concept, Joardy Sitcom. This time around, Jim Deddes brings to life the character of bartender Joardy – an ex-junkie and previous bicycle-repairman who’s now the owner of Café ’t Pomphuys. Joardy’s best friend is portrayed by famous Dutch rapper Lexxxus, and the sitcom also features the little demon Gurk. In eight episodes the audience is invited to take part of the daily events of ’t Pomphuys – from getting to know its frequent visitors, less frequent yet unexpected visits from the food inspection services, to the tourists who’re disturbing the peace of the nothing but normal cafe.

Gust appearances include Reinout Sholten van Aschat, Anneke Blok, Hannah van Lunteren, Abel van Gijlswijk, Illias Ojja, Richelle Plantinga, Ian Bok, Johan Fretz, Sagid Carter and Yung Nnelg.

Joardy Sitcom is produced by VPRO and HALAL, and is the second online series from Jim Deddes and Jan Hulst. All episodes online at NPO3.