ØLÅF x HALAL capsule collection

Countries, Cultures & Citizens: As Seen Through These Eyes



Olya Oleinic


ØLÅF and HALAL team up for a capsule collection featuring seven HALAL photographers who explore the theme in Countries, Cultures and Citizens: As Seen Through These Eyes. The collection consists of nine unique T-shirt designs, with photography from Jane Stockdale, Lotte van Raalte, Maeve Stam, Olya Oleinic, Sophie van der Perre, Tobias Faisst and Dawit N.M. All of the photographers bring a distinctive style to the project, each functioning as a reminder of a place or event.

The collection was first launched at Paris Fashion Week 2019 and at a pop-up event in Amsterdam. Available online. 

Olya Oleinic

Jane Stockdale

Tobias Faisst

Lotte van Raalte

Dawit N.M.

Maeve Stam

Sophie van der Perre