One Shot x HALAL

The Russian roulette of photography goes to Amsterdam.

One Shot, the world’s most limited, limited edition photo series returns for a very special edition made in collaboration with HALAL. One Shot’s online gallery is a unique way to purchase fine art photography. Buyers aren’t able to preview the shots — they only have the shot numbers on the roll to choose from. This element of uncertainty and risk makes One Shot the Russian roulette of photography. When a shot is claimed, it’s gone forever. Each buyer will receive the only print of their shot in existence — delivered in beautiful packaging, signed and numbered by the photographer.

Edition three features three rolls of film, each shot by a different HALAL photographer — Lotte van Raalte, Johan Kramer and Olya Oleinic. Each photographer brings a unique style (and film format) to the project, creating three distinct sets of one-of-a-kind photos. All the mystery shots were claimed at oneshoteditions.com.

For one night, and one night only, we also exhibited the one-of-a-kind shots at Newwerktheater. The One Shot concept and our collaboration picked up a Bronze Lamp at the 2018 edition of ADCN in the Experimental category.