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Tasking three different directors to shoot a typical ŠKODA SUV film entirely at their home provides an unusual yet (currently) usual starting point, especially for a car commercial. This premise set the tone for three surprising and distinct films for its category. Equipped with miniatures of the ŠKODA SUV models (Kodiaq, Karoq, Kamiq*), directors  Steffen Haars, From Form (Jurjen Versteeg and Ashley Govers) & Johan Kramer could craft films in their own unique visual style each distinctly embracing the home-made look. Manifesting recognisable home situations in both execution and narrative, the campaign echoes scenarios identifiable to most.

Each film bears strong references to the responsible director. Not only in its direction, executional style or tone of voice, but the films also reflect various familiar stay-at-home scenarios all a result of the particular confines of the director’s current work-from-home situation. The makers had to redefine their approach and put their skills to the test to provide the home-made look fitting a large-scale campaign.

Scroll down for the individual films, selected as Editor’s Pick on AdAge. Covered by the likes of Its Nice ThatMuse by Clio and Adweek. Nominated eurobest and Silver in Direction & Cinematography at the Epica Awards.


Directed by Steffen Haars

Behind the Scenes with Steffen Haars


Directed by From Form

Behind the Scenes with Form Form


Directed by Johan Kramer

Behind the Scenes with Johan Kramer