Kort! 2015



Tim Kerbosch


Highly stylised yet playful and slightly surreal drama that is set in Walloon no man’s land, just across the Dutch border. Teenager Sam from Limburg starts working at Spoetnik, a clandestine chips stand named after its specialty. Right across the street is a brothel with an alluring girl who evidently needs Sam’s help.

This is the second short film written & directed by Noël Loozen and it is another look into his fun and absurd mind. There’s some autobiographical parts to this film too, Noël grew up close to this area and while he himself played the main character in the Hornhunter, in his second film it’s his youngest brother Jiri who plays Sam.

The film had its international Premiere at the Berlinale, as well as premieres at The Dutch Film Festival and is in the official competition.

Funded by Mediafonds, NL Filmfonds, Cobo & NTR  in the Kort! programme.

Dutchies can watch the whole film here.

Spoetnik won the award for Best European Fiction Short at the Go Short Festival 2016!


Sam: Jiri Loozen
Zola: Romy Gevers
Gilles: Michel van Dousselaere

Poster designed by Sander Brouwer

Jiri Loozen plays main character Sam

Interview with Noël Loozen for Future Shorts