Stray Sheep

Short Film



Nabil Kechouhen, Slimane Dazi, Anna Maria Mulder


In his first short film, Madja wanted to explore some ethereal themes at the very core of human nature. The conceptual coming of age story had its exclusive online premiere on NOWNESS.

‘Stray Sheep’ is the story about Idris (22), who embarks on a journey towards an arranged marriage with a woman he has never met, in a country he has never set foot on. Whilst searching his way through this new land, he realizes his destiny is already written and he will have to sacrifice something big in order to become a man.

As the son of Iraqi-Kurdish refugees, these are topics which have always been top of mind for the young director. In ‘Stray Sheep’ he wanted to address them in a layered and complex way. Stressing how many are caught up in a balancing act between multiple cultures and surroundings, Madja highlights the intricate nature of the topics at hand. His perspective is one relatable to many, as the quest for human connectedness is really at the heart of the narrative.

Silver Screen winner in Cannes at YDA 2019, Bronze at Ciclope and official selection as part of the Drama genre at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019.