The North Face Japan x Goldwin and Spiber

Regenerative Circle

Olya Oleinic was enlisted to capture moments from the daily life of chef, restaurateur, and author Christian F. Puglisi as part of The North Face Japan x Goldwin and Spiber joint research and development project. This unique initiative, which harnessed the potential of Brewed Protein™ fibers, aimed to pave the way for an unprecedented and sustainable future. The project was a key component of The North Face Japan’s Community series, uniting like-minded talents across diverse fields, from art, culture, and fashion to technology.

Olya was also asked to document a day at Arrhov Frick, an architectural studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, known for its ambition to create architecture that enhances people’s lives by being simple to construct and easy to maintain, while also achieving a balance of simplicity and complexity. This project was also part of The North Face Japan’s Regenerative Circle initiative, in collaboration with Goldwin and Spiber, under the overarching theme of innovation and sustainability.