Tommy Jeans



Art Director

Kasper Fjederholt


Introducing the latest collection from Denim Progressed, TOMMY JEANS’ innovative denim design program, captured by Nick van Tiem in iconic New York locations. This season, the brand is embracing its hip-hop roots and presenting a range of urban-inspired pieces, with denim at the forefront.

TOMMY JEANS has a rich history of drawing inspiration from baggy jeans, New York City, and hip-hop culture, and this collection encapsulates all of these elements. The 45-piece range boasts cutting-edge denim and a modern urban style, with avant-garde designs and oversized proportions that encourage self-expression and experimentation with new trends.

Shot in the heart of New York City, the campaign embodies the city’s spirit, showcasing its ingenuity and strength with a characteristic urban atmosphere. The contemporary images feature a blend of everyday objects with ’90s preppy and current hip-hop aesthetic such as basketball courts, skate parks, laundromats, motels, and convenience stores.

Experience the energy of New York City with TOMMY JEANS’ new collection and discover your unique style through the brand’s cutting-edge denim designs.