Ride the Future





Paul Geusebroek directs this truly cinematic spot for Van Moof’s latest global campaign. One of our most ambitious and meticulously crafted yet, the film inspires people in cities to keep moving forward, instead of reverting to old and destructive pre-pandemic mobility habits.

Throughout the pandemic, people across the world started to stand up for what they believed in. Mobility became a hot topic as people chose to leave their cars at home and city legislators created more space and infrastructure for people, not cars. To put it simply, the world changed. And to make sure people keep up the momentum of positive mobility change, VanMoof is stepping in to remind them.

The film, created together with HALAL’s very own director Paul Geusebroek, should inspire people towards a greener, calmer, and more enjoyable lifestyle.

As Paul Geusebroek explains: “My aim was that the end of the film feels like a breath of fresh air. This bicycle stands for not just the environment, but also for escaping the rut that people are in – for cycling out of that nine to five grind. It stands for freedom: everyone is stuck, but this person is just breezing through.”

The result is a beautiful and highly cinematic film, that serves as a thought-provoking piece that can spark off more conversation around this topic.