Waiting in Limbo

Waiting in Limbo (2023) is a 12-hour single shot film that follows a subject waiting on an airport bench. The subject never leaves the frame, going nowhere and waiting for nothing.The filming took place in a limbo space where the temperature and light remain constant. Any sense of time is lost. The setting was chosen in order to provoke boredom in the subject. Boredom is experienced when an individual with left without anything in particular to do. The subject is then left to decide on their own how the time is spent while waiting.

Viewers watch the film while sitting in an identical airport bench, which evokes the same feeling of waiting, joining the subject who is stuck in limbo.

The 12-hour duration refers to the hands of the clock, returning to the same position after 12 hours. The beginning and end of the film are identical and the waiting time can be played on an infinite loop.