World of Tanks

No Going Back





The action-packed trailer for the World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 event features Vinnie Jones in a gripping role as Santa’s reluctant enforcer. Stuffed with intense moments, humor, and cinematic flair, the trailer takes you on a thrilling journey as Vinnie’s character faces the challenges of his final mission on Santa’s naughty list. With stunning visuals and a dash of holiday spirit, it’s an adrenaline-pumping sneak peek into the world of World of Tanks like you’ve never seen before.

The trailer was a collaborative masterpiece, born from the creative minds at Cubo, our dedicated director Andzej Gavriss and HALAL’s production team, during a one-week sprint in Prague. This project was exceptional in every sense, with our clients actively involved throughout the process. From script development to the final cut, it was a journey of passion, creativity, and boundless enthusiasm. We’re incredibly proud of the end result, and we can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of Vinnie Jones as Santa’s enforcer in the World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 event.

Watch the complete trailer for the film, directed by Andzej Gavriss, at the top of this page. Explore the intricate production design sketches below, crafted by Julija Fricsone Gavriss.