Amanda van Hesteren

Amanda van Hesteren

Amanda van Hesteren completed her course in Audiovisual Arts at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in 2019 with a semester at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her first two short films were about her holiday lovers in Thailand and Jamaica, respectively, and have been regularly screened at various art festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Her graduation film Mommy and me: yes but no/no but yes (2019) was co-produced by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO.

In 2019 she had a solo show in the ALMA SARIF gallery in Brussels, and currently, she is preparing her second one, which will be held in the Kunstverein in Hamburg next year. In 2021 she participated in the IDFAcademy x NPO-fund workshop. Amanda’s style is edgy, intimate, and transparent. With her disarming gaze, she creates honest films where she and her protagonists learn new things about the psyche of humankind and themselves.

She’s currently working on her first documentary with HALAL.