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Ottilie Maters is an Amsterdam-born and raised director and photographer, currently dividing their time between Amsterdam and Berlin. As an autodidact creative, Ottilie combines a blend of strong textual, visual and musical influences in their work.

Ottilie encourages their audience to explore the unknown through photography, film and multimedia. They are dedicated to continuously researching the ever-evolving human nature by capturing sub- and counter cultures mainly involving taboo-labelled topics in order to create a space for empathy, understanding and growth.

Ottilie’s first work as a director for HALAL is a Nike docuseries named “HOME” – crafted together with WE ARE Pi – where we meet a host of athletes with a background of displacement and communities across the world who are using sport to help them find their place. The first episode focuses on Manu, a first-generation immigrant from Romania, and Rasha, a second-generation immigrant from Palestine, who are both members of Bunktkicktgut, a community football league in Berlin. Episode two features Bayern Munich football star Alphonso Davies, who was born in a refugee camp to parents who fled from war in Liberia.


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Nike x Alphonso Davies

Nike x Alphonso Davies

Discover how sport has played a key role in helping Alphonso Davies find his place.




Ottilie Maters lenses the first part of the Nike HOME docu-series. Watch EP 1 now, on reshaping the narrative around displaced athletes.

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