Arcade Addiction

It’s 1982, and humanity is under attack! Asteroids, space invaders, and Pac-Men are ravaging families and corrupting the youth. So brace yourself for Arcade Addiction, a gripping exposé on the perils of arcade video games. Our future’s at stake in this epic battle against the machines brought to you by awesomenessness, the same people that added two nesses to awesome.

This experimental short was made possible by remixing existing news footage from 1982 and augmenting it with AI into a catchy and current reminder that every decade has its Boogeyman.

The AI characters were imagined with Midjourney and animated with D-ID. Title animation, editing, compositing and post-production with Runway. Music by awesomenessness and produced by our good friend Fabian Torsson, aka Phat Fabe.