The Science of Kissing



Menno Mans


Proud to present ‘The Science of Kissing’, directed by our very own Karen Rosetzsky for ARTIS-Micropia and Dawn. Encapsulating that special moment that is the kiss is of course not a new scenario for Karen, but this project was the first time it felt like an organic next step to evolve into moving images. To capture in film the same raw emotion and feeling she is used to express through images was a welcome new challenge.

On a mission to introduce the world of microbes to a wider audience, the campaign highlights how these tiny mechanisms influence one of the most basic human instincts; finding a partner. Tasked to bring scientific findings about microbes to life, Karen was brought on board to direct a series of films for cinema and online, where kissing couples clearly illustrate the message; there are multiple benefits of sharing your kiss with millions of microbes.



#1: The First Kiss