Blushing Ears

Teens take back control



Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen


Embark on an intimate journey with Sophie Dros’ latest teenage documentary series, as it delves into the raw, unfiltered aspects of falling in love, bodily changes, desires, and the myriad experiences that accompany them. This compelling six-episode series, each 15 minutes long, uncovers the often-misunderstood realm of sex education from the unique perspective of the teens themselves.

These young individuals seize control of their own narratives, challenging the shame and taboos that have long been associated with sexuality. With honesty and vulnerability, they explore the current state of sex education and strive to build a new, healthier, and more enjoyable foundation for future generations. Blushing Ears is a collaboration with BNNVARA and proud winner of the Cinekid Pitch Prize in 2022.