Cero Ismael




Noël Schoolderman


HALAL’s Anna Maria crafted a film for Cero Ismaël’s single ‘SAM’, where the singer reflects on the last few years of his life. A sung and moving exploration of mental wellbeing about the confluence of circumstances that led to the depression the artist himself struggled with.

Anna Maria van ‘t Hek on SAM:

“When I first heard the song, it got me immediately. Josh’s beautiful trunk and fragile lyrics seemed to fit the music seamlessly. In our conversations, he took me into the thoughts and situations in his life that underpinned the creation of his album, “Situations in His Life.

The feeling of depression inspired the video – the feeling that you can see the way out, but you can’t seem to get to it. That, despite a warm family and dear friends, you can still feel downright lonesome. As if there is a glass wall between you and the world.

It was beautiful that Cero Ismaël wanted his own family and friends to play roles in the music video and for his little brother to give him a reassuring kiss on his forehead. “It’s important that men dare to be vulnerable.” And, of course, I fully agree with that. Art is a form of understanding each other better; showing our vulnerability is the basis of that.”