Dior x Yesum Yoon

The act of weaving: Lady Dior

The Lady Dior Celebration exhibition in South Korea brought together a select group of Korean artists, each tasked with infusing their unique perspective into the iconic handbag. Among these artistic visionaries is the talented Yesum Yoon. Nick van Tiem visited Yesum Yoon and beautifully captured her interpretation of the Lady Dior, a creation that transcends time and tells a captivating story.

Yesum Yoon’s Lady Dior exudes a timeless allure, as if it holds within its elegant curves the narrative of a Lady who embarked on a celestial journey to her own star. We are left to wonder: Does she now find herself in solitude among the stars, or does she revel in the distant realms beyond? The answers to these questions remain a mystery, waiting to be unveiled in the future.