Houten Pak

Music Video for Willem



Willem @ TopNotch


The news that the award-winning director is joining HALAL is marked with the release of our first project – a music video for Dutch rapper Willem’s single ‘Houten Pak’ from his debut solo-album.

The rapper and Paul have worked together in the past – Willem was then part of rap-duo the Opposites and together they created the Edison Award winning ‘Sukkel voor de Liefde’. As the artist goes solo, he teamed up with Paul to visualise the stories at the core of the album and the challenges that followed his career after the Opposites.

“The album spoke to me from the very beginning. It’s mature, moving and profoundly musical – a big contrast to a lot of NL hip hop. To collaborate with Willem on such a vulnerable and personal project was really wonderful. I wanted to share his story in an impressionistic manner, and create a visual that would truly reflect the sincerity of the album. Our aim was to make this a small and intimate story that at the same time felt grand and universal.” – Paul Geusebroek