Following the impact of our new documentary Wij praten niet (We don’t talk), Centrum Seksueel Geweld (CSG – Centre for Sexual Violence) is launching a new title card that can immediately be used sector-wide for all productions featuring sexual violence. We encourage all producers and makers to [download the titlecard] (made available in color and greyscale) and cooperate around this issue.

Starting with We don’t talk, HALAL is committing itself to push for social change on the subject of sexual violence among young people for the years to come. As a film and photography production company and creative studio, we want to join forces with partners and organizations within and beyond the creative industry and create more impact with what we do best: critically reflect on society and make visible what needs to be made visible.

We will execute our multi-year impact strategy by creating specific documentaries, films, and campaigns and developing sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders. Let’s keep the conversation going!

If you have any questions, contributions, or simply want to chat about making an impact together, please reach out to contact@halal.amsterdam. We want to clarify that this title card may be used by anyone – please do so. Spread the word.