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Dive into the mesmerizing world of Lois Cohen as she unveils her latest work for Lampoon RuVido. Blurring the lines between dream and delirium, Cohen’s captivating images explore themes of self-expression and liberation.

Titled “Liberated from Artists that Suck Them Dry,” the series captures a gathering of muses who have broken free from being mere sources of inspiration. They come together for a celebration, indulging in dress-up, flaunting their hidden talents, and embracing their inherent artistic essence. Cohen’s work captures the muses’ underlying confusion about their roles as objects or subjects, and the strategies that shape their identities.

Lois Cohen’s photography transports viewers into a fantastical, paradoxical world where everyday life melds with her distinct, imaginative universe. Through her lens, she amplifies reality to create striking, thought-provoking images that challenge our perception of art and identity.