La vie est belle Iris Absolu


Creative Agency

Publicis Luxe


Emmanuel Adjei has directed the new La vie est belle Iris Absolu campaign for Lancôme, inviting every woman to join an authentic and collective anthem. This campaign is a rallying cry that unites in joy around an iconic fragrance and the song of a lifetime.

Join global ambassadresses Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Zendaya, Penelope Cruz, Isabella Rossellini, Lily Collins, Hoyeon, Aya Nakamura, Brit Knight and Celic Dorig as they sing in unison “What a Wonderful World”, a pure redefinition of happiness.

“Shooting this iconic campaign celebrating women supporting and inspiring each other was thrilling to say the least! It has been deeply nourishing to closely work with this group of era-defining female powerhouses – each one of them in their own right – and to be allowed the chance to envision how their distinct personalities help bring a little joy and beauty into this world, felt like an absolute dream. The chemistry between the brilliant minds at Lancôme, Publicis, and Phantasm was real.” – Emmanuel Adjei