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Lynk & Co

Alain Visser (CEO), Robin van der Kaa (VP Marketing), Joel Winckler (Brand director)


Lynk & Co’s arrival in Europe is marked by a creative partnership with yours truly, focusing on creating purposeful campaigns and brand narratives that contribute to the brand’s commitment to communities.

Following a teaser campaign that was seeded in various European markets throughout the year, is the release of ‘96%’ – a campaign film directed by Caroline Koning and OOH by photographer Olya Oleinic. The work is the first of its kind from us, having entered our venture with Lynk & Co as both creative agency and production partner.

With no previous brand work in the market, the launch campaign builds on Lynk & Co’s ethos. The film presents the motivations at the very core of the brand’s existence, highlighting how the traditional automotive industry is part of the problem. On average, cars stand still 96% of the time. So, when the world coincidentally was forced to stand still, it became a powerful starting point for the film and its introduction of Lynk & Co as a mobility brand in Europe.

Caroline Koning, Creative & Director, HALAL, says: “This insight, that cars stand still 96% of the time, makes one rethink how we use our resources. It just seems like such a waste. More importantly, it makes one think about mobility. Being mobile is something most of us have gotten a new appreciation for in times of lockdown and travel restrictions. I wanted the film to feel like a poem to mobility, an abstract visual narrative to present the problem to which Lynk & Co offers a different solution. This approach also stands in contrast to the usual car ad, often focusing on speed, the technological advancements or its inherent features. ‘96%’ communicates how Lynk & Co is different, ultimately fuelled by its mission to connect with the community driving their cars.”

Watch the European launch event here.

Photography by Olya Oleinic