Merged Waters

A passion project by HALAL prodigy Camille Boumans



Camille Boumans




Merged Waters by Camille Boumans is the latest Kodak Presents featured film which can also be found in the Kodak Presents playlist on youtube.com/kodak. The film was shot in reverse by DP Jasper de Kloet on 200T 16mm on an Arriflex 16SR 3.


Camille Boumans: Merged Waters is about not letting life’s curves define your path and destination. It is about doing your own thing, always. And by that, perhaps doing the unexpected.

The tears are symbolic of the path of life. They go downwards, creating a certain route. But the path of this route is decided by the form of your face.

Where the teardrops will end, after leaving your cheek – is decided by where we are at that moment.

That is why I wanted to shoot the film in reverse as well. Creating unexpected movements, moving against the flow. So the things you see first in the film were shot last on the shoot day and then the one-taker has been reversed in the edit. This was a very interesting experiment. Together with great DP Jasper de Kloet and the amazing dancer Lung-Ssu Yen, we experimented in the studio to see how certain movements would react to the reverse effect. Small details only become noticeable when you look at them differently, in this case, in reverse. But also timing it correctly so it is on the right part of the music. This is what I love about creating films, trying things out, experimenting, discovering that some elements work as you had in mind, and discovering that some things don’t work. Almost playing around. 16mm gives me that feeling to play around, and it all starts with buying the roll of film.