My Pet and Me




Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen


M’n Beessie en Ik (My Pet and Me) is a documentary about the inseparable bond between pets and their owners. A tragicomic quest for whether we need pets to fill the gaps of our human existence. How nice is it to live with an intelligent pig, careless hairless cats, a therapeutic pug, a dancing dog, a spiritual snail, or an Insta-cat? And what does this say about us? In a visual journey along ordinary Dutch households, we see how various owners fully dedicate their lives to their pets and how they are an indispensable factor in their lives.

Longlisted for the Dutch Golden Calves (Netherlands Film Festival / Dutch Oscars) in the ‘Long Documentary’ category.

The film will premiere on September 23rd at The Netherlands Film Festival, and CineDeli is releasing the film in Dutch theaters around World Animal Day (October 4th)

M’n Beessie en Ik is produced by HALAL in coproduction with BNNVARA and supported by the CoBO Fund and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive. CineDeali is our Dutch distributor and CAT&Docs our world sales agent.

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