HOME: 'Finding Our Place Through Sport'



We Are Pi


In Nike’s new docuseries ‘HOME’, that we crafted together with We Are Pi and director Ottilie Maters, we meet a host of athletes with a background of displacement and communities across the world who are using sport to help them find their place.

In episode one, meet Manu, a first-generation immigrant from Romania, and Rasha Ahmed, a second-generation immigrant from Palestine. Both are part of bunktkicktgut, a community football league in Berlin that helps kids find their place through sport & create extraordinary futures.

“If you were never given anything in life and know how that feels, then it’s an opportunity to give to others what you never had.” – Manu.

“Sport is a healer, a community builder. It knows only one language: collective human movement. It’s time for a story that highlights the value of community and features athletes with a background of displacement. A journey into self-realisation, true human potential and what it means to be able to find refuge in sports. This series celebrates the courageous choices made by these athletes and their parents.”, says Director Ottilie Maters