NN You Matter

Introduction of NN's new brand platform, You Matter



Khanna\Reidinga & McCann


Khanna\Reidinga & McCann have partnered together to launch a pan-European campaign to introduce NN’s new long-term brand platform – You Matter.

“The film asks people to reassess what truly matters and shows how this can change over the course of a lifetime. The fantasy of the yacht is long gone but everyone has the right to envisage a future for themselves and feel like they have the power to make that a reality”, says Creative Director Hesling Reidinga.

Directed by Thijs Schreuder-Rinnooy Kan, who is also a great documentary director, the film was shot across Europe in four different countries and features real people, not actors, who we chose for the relevance of their own particular story. Each scene will later expand into an individual product campaign featuring that person.