I'm going to write children's books when I grow up!

Photography exhibition and magazine at the Kunsthal Rotterdam



Lila Shu Kramer


In the exhibition ‘I’m going to write children’s books when I grow up’, photographer and filmmaker Johan Kramer, together with his daughter Lila Shu, examines how she can become a children’s book author. Together they visit well-known Dutch writers of children’s literature. Lila armed with pen and paper and Johan with his analog photo camera. The Kunsthal Rotterdam is now exhibiting the results of their field research: inspiring stories about authors, accompanied by photography. This exhibition will encourage children to use their imagination and start writing stories for themselves!



Part of the exhibition is a special playful publication with writing assignments, interviews and facts about how to become a children’s book author.

The portrayed authors are Janneke Schotveld, Yvonne Jagtenberg, Marjon Hoffman, Manon Sikkel, Suzanne Buis, Tosca Menten, Anke Kranendonk, Annet Huizing, Anna Woltz and Enne Koens.’

Writing workshops will be organised by the Kunsthal during the autumn school holidays. For more info about opening hours and tickets visit the website of the Kunsthal Rotterdam.