Rabobank: Robbert & Sander





Introducing an exciting new TV commercial created by Andreas Pasvantis in honor of the World Cup Field Hockey event in The Netherlands. Andreas has worked on a series of mesmerizing mini-documentaries and a handful of gripping TV commercials.

Together with the agency, Andreas has scoured the national team to uncover the most compelling stories of duos within the squad. Among these tales of dedication and perseverance is the inspiring story of two best friends who have been playing hockey together since their childhood.

After years of hockey and friendship, these two champions are proud to represent their nation and defend its honor by playing together in the national team at the World Cup. This TV commercial is the perfect encapsulation of their emotional journey, cut from the longer documentary created by Andreas and his team. A celebration of the unbreakable bond of friendship and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship that drives these two incredible athletes to achieve their dreams.