The Northface X Gucci

Birdwatching with Gucci, The North Face and Flock Together



Kadri Mahmoud


A new generation of birdwatching enthusiasts are breaking down the stereotype of what outdoor recreation looks like and who it is for. Through it, more people are discovering the mental and physical benefits of being in nature. Among those leading the charge is Flock Together, a birdwatching collective redefining what birdwatching looks like by challenging the underrepresentation of Black and other POC in nature. In partnership with The North Face x Gucci, this campaign brings to the fore those changing the outdoors for the better.

This campaign film features the Flock Together founders Lalu ‘Ollie’ Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera as the intrepid guides of a whimsical bird watching tour. An ode to the great outdoors that has served even more purpose to most this last year, and a colourful reflection of the playful collaboration between two brands.

“We need more representation across all activities in the outdoors and we need new gatekeepers who can bring in more creativity. All of this together will make nature more exciting and appealing to the next generation,” says Perera