Joardy Season

Jim Deddes & Jan Hulst

Jim Deddes and Jan Hulst met in 2012 during their studies at the Amsterdam School of Arts. Jan asked Jim for a role in his graduating performance, and they’ve been a duo ever since. Shortly after Jim got a camera for his birthday, which was the birth of their YouTube-channel Joardy Film. The clips were an online hit and in 2016 they got signed by Top Notch.

In 2018 the duo joined forces with HALAL to make a series with Dutch broadcaster VPRO. The serie of eight parts is based on the viral-character Harco, better known as ‘de Huilon-man’ – one of their most popular characters.


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Joardy Season

Joardy Season

Online series about the viral character Harco (better known as 'de Huilon Man')