Stray Sheep

Madja Amin

Madja Amin is a self-taught Amsterdam-based director, notable for his work ranging from commercial projects, music videos and visual narratives. With a Business degree from the University of Amsterdam, he escaped the conventional route to field and has rather paved his own path to storytelling.

During his three-years as a filmmaker, he has been acclaimed for his work with streetwear brand Patta and Hip-Hop festival Appelsap. His most recent music video for Dutch-Algerian rapper Boef is currently the most watched Dutch YouTube clip ever with its 50 million views. In 2017, he partnered with HALAL for his first short fiction film, Stray Sheep, premiering at Nederlands Film Festival autumn 2018.

Taking advantage of his unorthodox path to becoming a filmmaker, his work represents a different voice in the industry. Madja consciously strives to bring a more diverse point of view to filmmaking – one that people can relate to in different ways.


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Stray Sheep

Stray Sheep

Madja's first short fiction film is the story of Idris and his journey through a new land towards an arranged marriage