Philippe Vogelenzang


Driven by imagination, curiosity and intuition, Philippe creates images that often seem to render a classic quality being dynamic, honest and playful. He always seeks certain qualities in a person’s look, on which he can base his portraits. With the minimum of means he manages to capture a powerful and pure image of whoever is in front of his lens, which makes his photographs both convincing and timeless.

Philippe’s list of clients includes international fashion brands such as Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as smaller labels of the new establishment, such as AMI to mention one. Philippe is also a much wanted contributor to some of the biggest magazines in the world: VOGUE, GQ, Interview, V Magazine, Porter, DSection and Candy, to name but a few.

Philippe’s work has been exhibited at Foam Museum on numerous occasions. In 2014 Philippe was part of ‘Don’t Stop Now, Fashion Photography Next’, an exhibition and book (Thames & Hudson), curated by Magdalene Keaney. Most recently Philippe was chosen to exhibit next to and during Helmut Newton’s retrospective show, for which he created a special series of works entitled ‘4 Big Male Nudes’.


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Drop dead GORGEOUSNESS from Philippe Vogelenzang for's pre-fall 2018